Saturday, April 12, 2008


"We are happy because of our unique ethnic and historical cocktail that is Filipino culture. As Malay, our culture has warm, sensual, and mystical flavor mixed with Catholicism and fiesta spirit of the Spanish conquistadores to which is added a dash of western taste from the American colonizers. Thus, Filipino culture is open, extended, and inclusive which is the exact opposite of the individualistic and exclusive culture of the West. Filipino culture is also the opposite of certain collectivistic cultures, like the Chinese society, that value hierarchy, honor, and pride."

"We are happy because our culture is based on the notion of 'kapwa' or shared-being. We don't believe that our own existence is separable from that of the people around us. Everything from our joy and pain, to a grand feast and a simple snack, and even to a joke, is there to be shared. The strongest social urge of the Filipino is to connect, to relate and to become one with the people. As a result, there is much less loneliness among us."

We are happy because we love our family and we value so much our ties with our family members. We can easily find comfort and solace just being with our family members and it gives us joy and gladness to remember and talk about our parents, siblings, children, and spouse. We can be migrant workers even in the most cruel part of the world and taking the most difficult job just to support and sustain our loved ones back home. We live the life of self-giving and sacrifice, the very essence of love, just for our family---and it makes us really happy.

And most importantly, we are happy because we are deeply religious and innately spiritual people. In all countries of the world, Filipinos can be found in the church. The church is our meeting place, our rendezvous, our refuge. We have a very intimate approach to our faith. Simply speaking...FILIPINOS LOVE GOD.