Friday, October 8, 2010


On October 6, I visited Sister Matilde Serneo, DC at Saint Mary's Hospital in Taitung City.

Sister Mattie, as she is commonly known, is a 74 year-old Filipina nun who belongs to the Daughters Of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul who has been doing pastoral work in Taiwan for the sick, for the elderly, and for the dying patients in the hospital.

She has been doing her pastoral work since 1961 when Taiwan was still a poor country and the Philippines was a rich one. With the influx of OFWs in Taiwan on 1985, she started her mission with the Filipina caregivers and domestic helpers in Taitung with the late Sister Teresa Mabasa, DC. Since then, she has been helping the Filipina migrant workers in-distress and is known as their savior and heroine.

I visited her to team-up with her since we are doing the same mission for the migrant workers under the Diocese Of Hualien, to gather information and ask for advice on how to effectively help and care for the migrant workers, and to draw strength and inspiration from her.

Mabuhay ka, Sister Mattie, a selfless servant all for the greater glory of God, ad majorem Dei gloriam.